"I loved working with Yana! She has an incredible aesthetic. The entire time she worked on my home she brought me into the design process, so I felt like her collaborator, but with the safety net of her unerring vision. She gave me carefully curated choices for every piece, whether it was a bed, chair, server, or armoire. This way I always felt like I was making decisions, but she'd provided such smart and beautiful choices I couldn't pick wrong. She always listened carefully, and spent the time to understand exactly what I wanted. But even when I couldn't put what I wanted into words, she was so intuitive she seemed to find exactly what I was looking for. She's very easy to talk to and relate to, and I found the entire process fun. I couldn't be happier with how our home looks--it's my dream home, and Yana made it that way!"


-  Katharine Sise, Client

"Yana is incredible! She helped me with an emergency renovation by curating items for my kitchen made necessary when my apartment flooded. I had not anticipated having to budget for the work, and worried about the process and expenses. Yana understood my concerns and immediately alleviated them by showing me how affordable her proposed new kitchen would be! She was a firm negotiator with the contractor and expertly communicated the scope of work, making sure the cost of labor was fair and appropriate. Having never worked with a designer before, I was surprised by the sense of control and clarity it gave me on my project. Yana put me at ease and I was thrilled with her esthetic input.

I recommend Yelina Interiors not just for their design, but for their integrity and dedication to the client’s needs. Thank you Yelina Interiors!!"

-  Lida Roman, Client

"Yana and Andy made drawings for us to convert our condo’s one bedroom to two bedrooms. We were expecting a second child and needed our space to grow without adding square footage. Yana and Andy delivered a skillful solution that has given us privacy, storage, and a much better use of the space. In addition, Yana and Andy know so much about the whole process, from design to permits, to contractors... everything! Great work and invaluable resource."

 -  Sylvia Charles, Client